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ODM Business

SCUD ODM Business : Capitalising on the reputation of high safety standards and high quality of the Groups’ lithium-ion battery module under the “SCUD飞毛腿” brand and in recent year upstream production of leading-edge technology, the Group has entered into the supply chain systems of many renowned domestic and overseas manufacturers of brand smartphones and tablets and has become the major supplierof lithium-ion battery module solutions and products for Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Panasonic, Xiaomi, TCL and OPPO and VIVO. Such lithium-ion battery modules mainly consist of mobile phone batteries customised for clients and power banks customised for clients. The major customers of the Group have developed stable end-user markets, in addition with the rapid growth in the end-user markets of smart appliances in recent years, thus helping the Group to establish competitive advantages of original design manufacturing business.

SCUD has successfully entered into the supply chain systems of domestic and overseas renowned smartphone and tablet brands in recent years, thanks to the fact that the foreign bare battery cell brands including Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, LG Chemical and Hitachi have become major suppliers and strategic partners of the Company. By virtue of the quality imported bare battery cells, high brand awareness, proven technology and process, and the capacity to produce various lithium-ion battery modules, SCUD is widely recognised in the industry in terms of its product quality and technology. With the Group taking a pole position in the high-end lithium-ion battery module manufacturing sector, the management believes that in addition to production technology, the access to quality and stable upstream resources is also very important in building up the Group’s core competence. In this regard, it is necessary for the Company, as a high-end lithium-ion battery module manufacturer, to partner and establish long-term and stable cooperation with international lithium-ion bare battery cell suppliers.

Existing 2,500 employees, with strong research and development platform, professional manufacturing team, the existing management team serve up to 10 years. Companies focus on the production of the product design process, the active use of advanced new technology, automation equipment, the implementation process tooling manufacturing process of the product, strict process control in the manufacturing process.The Group has the industry's largest production base, fully satisfy the requirements of large-scale production, and ensure good quality of each product, high enterprises efficiency, low operation cost, enhances the Group's competitiveness in the market. Abundant resources batteries, complete industrial chain battery production, make the production advantages of the Group.

The main business areas are:
1. Mobile phone battery module business: to provide power supply design, with professional packaging process and technology leadership.
2. Power bank business: providing capacity are ranged from 2500mAh to 20000mAh, which can be provide backup power for smart phones, tablets, digital cameras and other digital productscharge at anytime.
3. Backup battery business: products with high quality BMS (power management system) unit which can efficiently balance multiple series-parallel battery management, lithium-ion battery conduct intelligent control and communication(with a variety of security measures, real-time electrical parameters,and accurate power calculation).